marathon pace band   


Marathon Pace Band

Want to know your marathon pace while keeping motivated with an inspirational message?  I know running even mile splits is very important when you run a marathon. If your pace is too fast, you will pay the price with legs that are fatigued well before the finish. It can also be difficult to remember twenty-six splits while you are breaking through that inevitable wall. I have used the homemade marathon pace band for my 26.2 mile race, but it was drenched after the first water station and the ink was unreadable after the fifth mile. The band was too small making the numbers next to impossible to read and the chafing that occurred was unbearable. The solution to these problems along with the addition of an inspirational message is how the "Marathon Pace Band" came about. 

The "Marathon Pace Band" is unique in many ways. The band itself is of soft polyester material that fits most wrist sizes. This fabric eliminates chafing and fits snugly making it easier to focus on your mile splits. The ink on the pace band is part of the material making it impossible for your splits to be removed no matter the weather conditions! The band is four inches long making the font size of your splits easy to read. You can use the pace band on all your training runs leading up to the marathon because it can be washed like any other piece of clothing. Having the splits on your wrist is helpful. Having a bit of inspiration with you is just as important though, especially during those critical moments a marathoner may go through. The "Marathon Pace Band" features a place to put an inspirational quote, symbols, photo or logo that you can look at to give you that extra boost to finish the marathon. We believe Staying On Pace With Inspiration will make your marathon run a more enjoyable experience.

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marathon pace band 

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Thank you so much for the pace band.  I LOVE IT!  I can’t wait to tell people about this.  My husband has some athletes running Boston and I wanted to get them bands for their races but he doesn’t know their times yet.  I will keep in touch….THANK YOU!


Deena Kastor                  2004  Olympic Medalist

Dear John,

Thanks so much again for the pace band. I was the envy of all my fellow running buddies at my recent marathon in Virginia Beach (Shamrock Marathon). It made it so much easier to determine where I was regarding my pace,allowing me to stay focused on my running instead of trying to do the time calculations in my head! It was very comfortable, absorbent, and even worked well as a hand warmer when I pulled it down over my hand during some frigid wind. Having my inspirational message to read every few miles was also a welcomed sight, and definitely helped keep me motivated. Thank you so much for helping to make my first marathon even better than expected!

Melissa Smith