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 Personalized Marathon Pace Band & Quote

 Are you looking for a simple way to keep your marathon pace with an inspirational quote at your finger tips? Running your marathon mile splits is very important if you want to be successful. Run to fast in the beginning and you could run out of glycogen that fuels your muscles. The marathon pace band can help you stay on pace so you have enough fuel for the entire race. On one side of the band you have your own personalized marathon pace chart and on the other is your inspirational message to keep you going during those tough miles. We believe Staying On Pace With Inspiration will make your marathon run a more enjoyable experience. Please email us with any questions or suggestions.  

 Personalized Marathon Pace Chart on one side.            Inspirational Message on the other side.


 One size fits most and is 4" long.                                      Large font for easy to read splits.                 


 Made of moisture wicking material.                                  Washable and the ink will never peel.




Marathon Pace Band and Quote

Price: $10.95

Marathon Goal Time:
Inspirational Quote:
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Thank you so much for the pace band.  I LOVE IT!  I can’t wait to tell people about this.  My husband has some athletes running Boston and I wanted to get them bands for their races but he doesn’t know their times yet.  I will keep in touch….THANK YOU!


Deena Kastor                  2004  Olympic Medalist

Dear John,

Thanks so much again for the pace band. I was the envy of all my fellow running buddies at my recent marathon in Virginia Beach (Shamrock Marathon). It made it so much easier to determine where I was regarding my pace,allowing me to stay focused on my running instead of trying to do the time calculations in my head! It was very comfortable, absorbent, and even worked well as a hand warmer when I pulled it down over my hand during some frigid wind. Having my inspirational message to read every few miles was also a welcomed sight, and definitely helped keep me motivated. Thank you so much for helping to make my first marathon even better than expected!

Melissa Smith